Thursday, November 3, 2011

Welcome to K Group of Companies

The K-Group of companies is a collective effort towards the multifarious developmental projects i.e. Planning , Construction , Real estate projects and journalism for the welfare of humanity, brings a bright future for the low income person and huge profits for the investors. The K-group of companies has following firms providing their services.
About Khanial Builders

Khanial Builders are specialized in the field of housing and property.This time Khanial Builders introduces many projects in the market by which many investors have earned huge profits.Now with housing societies Khanial builders are introducing land for farms in the very green environment.In addition to this Khanial Builders offers the investors to invest with us and earn profits as our partner.In past Khanial Builders have completed many residential projects in Rawalpindi ,Islamabad and Gawadar.But this time observing the market position Khanial Builders have decided to make its more of investment in Rawalpindi and Islamabad because this is the most suitable place.some of its aspects are described in below lines.

In addition to this Khanial Builders introduces his Projects which will produce high profits in the future.If you observe the environment of Khanial builders’ project you will feel that they are very profit gaining in the very near future.


Khanial Homes

Man; the primitive aborigine of paradise, has always been wandering about in search of the ultimate beauty since his exit from paradise. This voyage through millennia has given us civilizations, discoveries, inventions and monuments. Beauty is a fantasy and life is reality, wedding of two ideas and dreams. Building dream castles is natural to man and when it comes to reality it shapes up into ‘KHANIAL HOMES’, an affordable translation of your dreams.

Ever since the advent of mankind on this earth, the urge to own a safe and secure place to live has always been evolved, sometimes emerged in child’s sand castle or in shape of a hut made of hay due to meager resources. To have a home of one’s dreams can only be possible if Allah the Almighty has blessed him with a piece of land. When necessity and esthetic sense combines a desire of an affordable piece of land on a desirable location arise. ‘KHANIAL HOMES’ quality housing projects from the platform of ‘KHANIAL BUILDERS’ come on the horizon with a view to meet the challenges an average man facing in the building sector. So the core essence of the current scheme is to provide an average family a home of their dreams on reasonable and affordable prices.

Our presentation ‘KHANIAL HOMES’ itself speeds up volume of our efforts to realize such a project that could depict a true picture of a well planned project with all the modern standards adopted by advanced and developed societies throughout the world. All of our energies and abilities are housed on introducing what is new and essential for a standard living.

We are going to introducing ‘KHANIAL HOMES’ and looking forward for your positive and motivating response and looking for your response to promote the true values of a civilized and advanced living style in Pakistan.


1.  Your home to be located within the maximum 30 minutes drive from GPO Sadder Rawalpindi.

2.  your dream home to be situated in the historic and charming location,

3.  to lead a peaceful and healthy life away from the hustle bustle of crowded and polluted cities,

4.  to invest in a project situated in for bundles of future returns,


Why should we wait for a miracle to happen? Just come to visit us for your queries and bookings to have a home of your dreams.

Welcome to Al-Falah Marketing's New Project The Khanial Homes Islamabad

           Alfalah Real Estate Marketing, we manage, buy, sell and rent all types of commercial & residential properties in Lahore, Rawalpindi Islamabad and Murree from single-family homes to multiple units such as: duplexes, townhouses to apartments and condominiums (As well as mixed used residential and commercial properties).
ownership can provide long-term rewards, but often at the expense of a great deal of your personal time. If you own and manage property now, you have probably found you simply do not have enough time to do everything you need to do, let alone take time for yourself or your family. Or maybe you live in a foreign country and your residency requirements do not allow you to manage your investment yourself. Our Professional Property Management Services in PAKISTAN or Mansoorah Lahore can help you!

       We understand the overwhelming demands of Lahore, Rawalpindi Islamabad and Murree property market and Housing. Collecting rents, finding and screening tenants, finding seller, buyer for your real estate needs. advertising, performing inspections and arranging for repairs. We've developed a complete array of Property Management Services in Lahore to help you maximize your property's investment potential in QURTABA City (ISLAMABAD), AL-JANNAT Farms (Murree), Al-Badar Garden (LAHORE), Al-Badar City (LAHORE) and Al-Badar Town (LAHORE) while helping you free up more of your valuable.

       Believing in work standards that are the last word in quality, we often hase significant amounts of our work on outsourcing. In addition to construction, overall design work that may include interior as well as exterior designing and landscaping etc. are usually in Al-Badar Garden.
       Mean while we are Introducing a New Project in Islamabad Called KHANIAL HOMES. This Project is Siturated at Chakri Interchange Islamabad and have many many more Facilities for the Public.